Monday, March 18, 2013

Civil Rights Memorial Center

Today we visited Montogomery, Alabama. The whole city itself is full of amazing history and has a deep connection with the Civil Rights Movement. I felt that everywhere you looked, there was history associated with it. I would have to say today was by far one of my favorite days on the pilgrimmage so far. I was able to apply to Montogomery what we have previously heard about the movement and it was pretty cool to connect all the peices together in one of the main cities from the movement. I think my favorite part was the visit to the Civil Rights Memorial Center. I was SHOCKED to hear that the building is under 24/7 security because it has had bombing attempts, 2009 being the most recent attempted attack, and the center and its offices continue to recieve threats from hate groups, such as the notorious KKK. There are so many different hate groups still and it saddens me and absolutely disgusts me to think that we are in 2013 and people continue to have such a hate for people different from themselves and for people who support those people and what to make a difference. I think we all agree that in this day in age, we all should be able to get along and accept eachother. Going to the Civil Rights Memorial Center really has inspired me to become a part of the movement to stop this hate and violence and it opened my eyes to what still goes on today in Alabama.

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