Monday, January 14, 2013

the ending of a pilgrimage

Throughout this journey, there has been a myriad of emotions. From anger and frustration to utter happiness and hope,  have felt it all. This is due to the discovery of new information about the civil rights movement That my teachers have often never told me. The cities that hit me the hardest were, of course, the cities in ALABAMA; Montgomery, Selma and Birmingham. They were rich with information, history and had an eerie feeling to it. I have never felted so connected to MY OWN history. It was like I was standing in the same footsteps of the soldiers prominent within the movement.

However, during the class discussions, I couldn't keep it together no matter how hard I wanted to. I had to excuse myself because I couldn't look at the faces of the other students because I was so infuriated. I became angry during our time in Alabama because I couldn't stand to look at the poverty and the lack of adequate education within Selma. It was too much to bear. But I got through that rough stage of the trip by the help of my peers. We had a discussion separate from the class discussions which the coordinators came to. I appreciate them, they gave me advice on how to channel my anger in positive results and actions.

Honestly, I don't think I could have gotten through those ten days without the wonderful people I developed a connection with, the coordinators or Jodi.

So to all that view this blog, I say the trip was well worth the tears. Through the moment of extreme discomfort I was able to grow and learn exponentially.

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