Monday, March 19, 2012

Tired but happy

Hello all!

       My name is Kristine Lundberg and I am currently in Montgomery, Alabama on the civil rights pilgrimage 2012! I will keep this short and add more later because we have an early day tommorrow (on bus by 7 am zzzzZZZzz).

First of all, If you are reading this to decide whether or not to go on the trip in the future, I HIGHLY encourage you to do so.
My top Reasons are as follows:

1.) This trip is beyond amazing
2.) you will learn SO much. I honestly feel as though a lot of the history of the south has been lost in my education.
3.) You get to experience a different culture
4.) you sometimes meet famous people unexpectedly.
5.) When else in your life will you get to do this?
6.) The people are wonderful, fellow students, you make me proud to be a part of UWEC.

yeah, I'll add more reasons later i'm sure.

 So far i think the highlight of this trip was seeing the church service at Ebenezer Baptist Church, although at first I was rather skeptical about going. It was beautiful and really uplifting to see how passionate people are in the community.

Alright, thats all for now, goodnight folks!

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