Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 3

I have had the wonderful opportunity, today, to add my name to the Wall of Tolerance in the Civil Rights Memorial Center.  This is such an amazing opportunity to show that I will continue to be tolerant of other cultures, races, genders, classes, sexual orientation, and any other differences!  

Today I walked to Mama's Sack Lunches with a group of students on the trip.  This lunch was so cute.  The little shop only had about 6 or 7 tables to sit at and there were so many of Mama's sandwiches to choose from.  This little shop reminded me of grade school when I would get packed lunches.  Each sack lunch consisted of a bag of chips, an apple, a pickle, a cookie, and of course your sandwich.  If you are ever in Montgomery, I would definitely recommend this little shop for a delicious and cheap lunch!

As we were on our walking tour of Montgomery, we stopped at this fountain.  This marked the spot where slaves were traded, where Rosa Parks didn't give up her seat, and where the bus boycott started just to name a few events.  I think it is so wonderful that I have been able to see the place where this all happened!

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