Thursday, January 12, 2012

Journal 4

New Orleans, LA 1:42 AM Day 5

It was a really nice day in New Orleans, LA. We had a 5 hours’ drive from Selma, AL to New Orleans, LA. Before arriving New Orleans, we had lunch at Salute Italian Restaurant at Gulf Port. The food there wasn’t too good, but fine. The beach in Gulf Port was beautiful, but there was too windy, I did not stay too long. We also dicussed about the patriarchy in today's world. I think it is like a norm to be patriarchy, as we see the CEO or very high management, they are usually male. Although more female is getting education and having better promotion chance in the business world. It seems like they need a male as a leader. Today is a really good day.
After we get to New Orleans, we tried to search for food. We picked Bourbon house for dinner. It
was a French restaurant which is famous for oyster. My friends and I ordered 2 dozen of Louisiana Oyster on the half shell, 1 dozen of Trio Bake Oysters and fried oysters with French fries.
The raw Oysters were delicious, and fresh, we spent less than 5 minutes to finish 2 dozen of oysters. The Trio Baked Oysters came with 3 types of serving which are Oysters Rockefeller, oysters Bienville, and Oysters Fonseca. Oysters Rockefeller was baked with cheese and some
seasoning; Oyster Bienville was baked with spinach with meat; Fonseca was baked with mustard and some mashed vegetable. My friend ordered crab soup with corn that was tasty too. The day in New Orleans was awesome; I had a lot fun and am looking forward to tomorrow for civil right museum and the swamp tour.

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