Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 7 Atlanta

After the the longest bus trip I've ever have, finally we reached Atlanta. The sky was so pretty, cannot help to have a good mood to welcome our first day of the pilgrimage.

Our first stop was the CNN Center. What I found the most interesting is that, the escalator we took at the beginning of the “inside CNN Studio Tour" actually is the longest stand-on escalator in the world. It's also the first I saw a real recording studio。
Then we walked through the Olympic Park heading to the Coca-Cola MuseumI've heard lots of stories about the secret formula of Coca-Cola and It's so cool that I can finally... Well, I didn't even get a scan; however, we were so close. The formula is in the huge strongbox right in front of me. Just wondering is it really necessary to make it such big?

Finally we met with Mr. Charles Pearson and heard the speech. I was trying very hard to follow; however, to be honest, it's still a little hard for me. I remember he talked about nicknames people used to call him, which gives me a better view of how black people were treated at that time. Also he talked about the paths. People who got rich or been success don't create paths for other people to climb. I guess it's similar as the privilege we talked about in the class. And it's a big deal in today's society. 

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