Friday, March 25, 2011

MAR 25 2011

After a half day bus trip, we arrived at little rock city. We paid a visit to the Little Rock High School Historic Site and learnt about the “Little Rock Nine” stories. In visitor center, I read about the history about how the white people boycott the nine black students to go to school. At the beginning, the Federal guard protected mob away from the black students. However, when the local police take turns, the police officers were fair of the mob. The black students had to go back home for their safety. Some of the high school’s board members even voted them to quit school. Fortunately, thanks to the effort, the nine black students got their rights back and could go to school again.

The white people were not willing to integrate the black people. They boycotted the black students. Once the black students went into the classroom, the white students would leave the classroom and told the mob outside the high school building that the blacks were inside. One of the Little Rock Nine was hit down by a brick by a white student although he was very tall. And the local police officers are afraid of the mob. The effort of the police is not enough to stop the white students hurting the black students, so the conflict between white students and black students were very serious. This makes me very sad. This was a conflict inside the people of one country.

In the evening, we had our supper at University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. We communicated with the students there. I was very proud of them that they help the society around the world, help the people around the world, and spread the sense of harmony to the world. And many of us showed interest in applying the program provided by this school. I believe this will help the world more peaceful and beautiful in the future.

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