Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 7 and 8

Thursday we started our day off with a bus tour of New Orleans. We were shown many historical sites throughout the city. Our tour guide pointed out the homes of famous people, beautiful architecture, the French Quarter, the 9th Ward (including the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina), and various other points of interest. Our bus was stuck behind a train for a good long while which put somewhat of a damper on the bus tour but overall it was an interesting experience. After the bus tour we headed out of the city for a swamp tour. We took high speed airboats out into swampland and were able to see many alligators. We all also had the opportunity to hold a baby alligator!

On Friday we rolled out of New Orleans at 5:15am to get a (very) early start for our bus ride to Little Rock, Arkansas. Once we arrived we explored the Little Rock Central High Visitors Center, listened to a talk by Minnijean Brown Tricky, and took pictures of the outside of Central High. Afterwards we stopped by the Arkansas State Capitol building and looked at the Little Rock Nine sculptures. The last item on our agenda was to visit the Clinton School of Public Service. We listened to a panel of current students and ate dinner at the school afterwards.

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