Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Last Day

Today is the last day of the trip. At noon we arrived at our final destination—Memphis. It is a place where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot. I have heard something about Dr. King’s death. But when I came to the city, I felt a little excited.

After lunch we went to the museum. There are two part of the museum. The first part is a hotel where Dr. King was shot. After us through the gate, I watched a video about black men’s movement. Then I began visiting the museum. The beginning of the museum is a conclusion of the black men’s civil right movement. We found the Rose Park, Bloody Sunday, Freedom riders, and so on. Finally, we got to the Room 305. Through the room I could see the Dr. King’s room—Room 306. When I saw the room, I felt I was so close to the great man. After visiting the first part of the museum, I went to the second part. The second part museum is a place where the killer fired at Dr. King. In this part I saw the gun that shot Dr. King and other things when the killer killed Dr. King. This part also introduced how the killer escaped from America to Europe.

After I visited the museum, I felt a little sad. Why does the white man want to kill the great man? Why not sit together and talk to each other? Dr. King used his life to change the black men’s civil right. He is a great man. Even the situation has changed a lot, we could not forget these people who use their life to change today’s situation.

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