Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fun trip--CNN!Coca-Cola!

Second day of civil right is almost past. It is an exciting day; even we spent most time in the bus. I love the related movies played in bus. I think Ghosts of Mississippi is the best one because it almost made me be in tears and inspired me a lot. I am so proud of Bobby Delaughter and Myrlie Evers. For Bobby, he insisted to find out justice for Medgar Evers, when his family persuaded him to give it up and The Jackson threats him through drawing warning words on his car and not existed bombs. For Myrlie, she supported the whole family and also her husband’s career! She has never thought about giving up putting killer into prison for 30 years. See, this is Black women leader! I feel movies are a better way to show spirit than books.
At afternoon, I went to CNN, Coca-Cola, and The Olympic Park. In both CNN and Coca-Cola, tour guides are blacks enjoying their jobs very much. Through their explanations, I find many interesting things: 2,200 Coca are drunk in everyone second; everyone can try all branches drink different places in the world; the screen of studio is green or blue, and if you put same color cloth before the person, he/she will disappear from the screen; it took ten million dollars to build CNN centre, and same dollars are spent in establishing the major studio. I like the grass in the Olympic Park—it is comfortable to walk on it in sunshine and wind.
I saw a lot, felt a lot, and learned a lot! Hope everyday will be a substantial, wonderful day!

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