Monday, January 10, 2011

The 2nd day

Today we got up at six thirty, but I fortunate saw the sunrise. In fact, it was the first time that I saw the sunrise in America. So the morning was a good start for me. Then we arrived at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. This was my second time to church. The Ebenezer Baptist Church has more than 127 years’ history. The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached his ministry of nonviolence in the church. And Dr. King’s father and grandfather both are posters in the church. It sounds so cool. But this time we attended the new Ebenezer. Everyone was welcoming to Ebenezer Baptist Church. After we entered the church, everybody stood up and walked to us. They shook hands and hugged with us. It made me so supervise, because we never saw each other before. They are so friendly. Then we heard the poster’s lecture and some Anthems. These two things also impressed me a lot. The poster’s lecture was so exciting. Everyone followed his speech. The anthems are awesome, too. When I heard these songs, I felt so relaxing. We even hand in hand to sing the anthem. So I believe these anthems can pure people’s hearts. After the service, I believed that the religion was an important way to change the relationship between the black and white people.

Then we went to the Martin Luther King Museum near the church. Through the museum I knew something about Dr. King and his wife. But I think Mrs. King is great man, too. Before Dr. King passed away, she tried her best to help her husband. After Dr. King passed away, she continued Dr. King’s work. So I think black women play an important role in struggle, even they always are ignored. After we visited the museum, I went to the birth house of MLK jr.. It is beautiful house.

After we visited these, we drove to Birmingham. We would visit the Birmingham Institute of Civil Rights. It is a beautiful museum. There are many statues, pictures and videos in the museum. In the museum, I can hear and read the history. The history is black men fought for their civil right with white people. Through the museum I know that black people paid a lot for winning the struggle. They used their sweat, blood and even lives. The famous example is the four little girls. In the museum, I even saw the Tiananmen Square massacre. It shook me a lot, because I knew little about the massacre before I went to America.

Then we went to eat dinner. During the dinner, we shared our opinions about black men’s movements. After dinner we went to hotel. Today I am so tired, but I feel very excited. Ok, it is so late now. Good night.

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