Sunday, March 28, 2010

today was a very busy, but very amazing day. we started out by going to service at ebenezer baptist church, where martin luther king, jr had preached. service was a unique experience, everyone welcomed us, were glad we came, and the choir was phenominal! afterward we got to explore the area more, including the original ebenezer baptist church, martin luther and coretta scott king's tomb, the house MLK was born in, and a few museums. i've heard so much about MLK and getting to see his neighborhood, his church, and getting walk in the same places he did was an amazing experience. it brought the civil rights movement, which seemed so far away, so much closer. i am very glad i was able to see these places.

after this we left atlanta and headed for birmingham, al. where we visited the birmingham civil rights institute. this was also a very interesting museum, i learned so much just walking through. right outside the institute were kelly ingram park, where many civil rights demonstrations took place, and the 16th street baptist church, which was bombed, killing four girls. this was also an amazing experience, getting to learn about these places, and then actually getting to see them. afterward we talked to dr. pamela king, who gave us an interesting perspective on the civil rights movement of growing up to white, civil rights activists, in the south. her perspective was definately one i had never thought of before. today was an amazing day, and i am looking forward to tomorrow, but right now...i'm going to bed!

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