Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 2!

Hello everyone!

Today's experience in Atlanta was GREAT. It's a little colder than we were all hoping for--still, it's warmer than the temperature in Eau Claire! Downtown Atlanta was calm with few people out on the streets and sidewalks--they're probably just not used to the weather like we are. :)

Coming off an overnighter on the bus (we are all REALLY looking forward to being horizontal tonight!), we stopped at Georgia State University to hear from Jacqueline Rouse, professor of African American History. She's a very funny lady, and hearing her stories about people connected with the Civil Rights Movement continues to make me feel very excited for the things I'll see and learn throughout the trip. She spoke to us about a lot of women, and I've just heard many of their names for the first time. It will be interesting to continue hearing about these women and learn more about them and their individual contributions to the Civil Rights Movement over the next eight days.

Following our time with Professor Rouse, I went on a tour of the CNN World Headquarters. The building is HUGE and houses a food court, the CNN and HLN studios and offices, CNN International, CNN Espanol, some stores, and the Omni Hotel. My favorite part of the tour was watching the current CNN programming broadcast while simultaneously hearing the director's instructions to everyone of what to get on the screen and how to manipulate the cameras and pictures to create the constantly-changing image we see on TV.

I also had time to go through the Coca-Cola store (you don't need to pay to get in the store, but you still go through a metal detector). I can't believe all the products that filled the store of EVERYTHING Coke! When I come on the trip again in the spring, I definitely want to go on the Coca-Cola tour!

Tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to the service at Ebeneezer Baptist Church in the morning. What better way to get a real taste of the Deep South? :)


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  1. YEAH SARAH! I am so excited you are on this trip! What did you have for dinner?