Thursday, January 14, 2010

As We Walked Across the Edmund Pettus Bridge...

We had the amazing experience of meeting two sisters who were involved with the Civil Rights Movement first hand as children. Joanne Bland was one of the sisters and as she shared her experiences it was really moving to hear the stories while looking out at the actual streets and locations where these events took place not so long ago. One thing that Mrs. Bland asked us to do (or told us, as she is a very strong-willed, sassy lady!) to think about what our commitment would be to the future; of keeping the movement alive and standing up for all people and their rights, especially for our future generations because it is our responsibility to do this. I felt honored to be challenged by Joanne Bland, a woman who has done more in her life then any of us could even dream of accomplishing. Meeting Mrs. Bland and her sister has been one of the most influential and meaningful parts of not only this trip but my life.

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