Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Final Thoughts

This trip really opened my eyes. Coming into it I was kind of interested in seeing the sites but also thought it would just be a nice vacation. I've always been kind of a history guy so I thought that I knew all about the Civil Rights movement and really did not think I would learn a whole lot more. Seeing the sites and actually experiencing the South put a whole new light on the Civil Rights movement for me. It is no longer just a series of events that happened in practically another world. I have seen the sites where it happened and I can see that it is real. Not that I ever doubted it, it just seems a lot more real now that I have been there. To meet some of the people that were involved was also absolutely inspiring.

I can honestly say that this trip opened up my eyes to the struggles people faced during the Civil Rights Movement and continue to face to this day. I knew that there were problems and conflicts but to experience it first hand was awesome. I was aware that racism and discrimination existed, even today, but I have now realized it is more of a problem than I thought and it is up to everyone to change it.

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