Sunday, February 1, 2009

Remember this beautiful memory

My everyday's favorite part :

First day Atlanta CNN trip. I opened my eyes about news producing. This is a experience about my major, and I remember deeply.

Second day Birmingham Church Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church. This is an important place to civil right history. People in this place inherit the great spirit of Dr.King. Love and Equality will help us build a better world. I like the tour guide who introduced the birthplace of Dr.King. What a pity I don't know her name.

Third day Birmingham I like walking in the street of Birmingham!

Forth day Montgomery Civil Right Memorial Center. Great design!
Selma Joanne gave me a deep impression. She likes a soldier or fighter. I still the little rock which I picked in selma.

Fifth day New Orleans It is a city which I like the best! I enjoyed the experience of volunteer work! We had a happy day. And I like French Quarter. It is a romantic and special place. Somebody kissed my hand when I walked in French Quarter.

Sixth day New Orleans The birthplace of Jazz is awesome! splendid music and excellent musicians.

Seventh day Heifer Program trip.

Eighth day William J. Cliton Presidential Library. This part of trip changed my impression on President Cliton.

Ninth day National Civil Right Museum. The Museum is so big and I spent about 3hours in that museum. It gave me some concrete and detailed knowledge. What's more, the trip to Graceland (Home of Elvis Presley) was also great.

Tenth day Coming back.

I love this wonderful trip and I strongly recommend it to my friends!

Thank you again!
(but where is the facebook group?)


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