Monday, February 9, 2009

Great Follow Up Meeting

Last night we met to discuss our trip now that we have all had the opportunity to process the experience. I wish I had thought to video tape participants as they shared how they are using the concepts and information learned during our trip. Everyone had a unique story to share about how much personal growth happened as a result of the trip. Each person had a concrete example of how they would use what was learned. Two people were able use the information directly in a political science class. Someone was able to talk about a service experience. Another person talked about a desire to use information in her country after her study abroad experience. Still another student talked about a renewed passion for social justice activism. The examples were so motivating!

I left the meeting inspired to work harder to gather more funding to expand opportunities like this trip for our students. It is clear to me that experiences like this trip are essential for preparing our students for work in a diverse world. I am more committed than ever to doing whatever I can to expand immersion opportunities for our students!

Here are some more pictures from our trip...

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