Tuesday, February 10, 2009

As time has gone by after the trip down south I reflect on my experiences and realize that I have changed in a fundamental way. This change causes me to look at various situations from angels I had never considered before. The knowledge and experience I gained from this trip are invaluable. The pure knowledge that poured off numerous displays and monuments cannot measure up to the knowledge I gained from interacting with the people who were actually there and went through the movement. Talking with Joann Blan was my favorite part of the trip, she explained things in such a blunt and honest way that I couldn't help but understand and see the world from her eyes. I beleive it was this interation that makes me reconsider some of my core beleifes about the motivation people have for their personal actions. I am so blessed that I have gone this trip twice, in both instances I have pulled away information and understanding that I could have recieved no where else and in no other form.

Thank You to all who made this trip possible.

Janna Caspersen

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