Saturday, January 10, 2009

We are in Atlanta!

What a trip it has been since last night at 5pm in Eau Claire. The trip started off wonderfully with the amazing group of travelers that we have with us. First we started off the tricky weather of the road into Illinois but it was smooth sailing since then. We made it to Atlanta and it has been a blast! Our trip first started off at CNN and we traveled up the largest freestanding escalator and headed up to the studio tour. Not only did we learn about the history but we also learned on how the production is made. Then Jodi, Steve, Kira, Sarah and I went to the Coca Cola Museum and tried atleast 30 different flavors of soda! Too much carbination! Then dinner at the varisity that wasn't that great which we will change for the next trip. Tomorrow the real first immersion of the civil rights movement will happen with church service and civil rights museum in Birmingham!
I am really psyched! Pictures should be coming soon!

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