Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day One

I finished Melba Patillo's book, Warriors Don't Cry, last week. Our pilgrimage planning team applied for a UW System reading grant to purchase books for our trip participants to read. We were lucky enough to get the grant and I chose this book to read. It was the perfect book to read prior to departure! I finished the book more determined than ever to work to end the continuing injustices in our world.

On our first day in Atlanta, we did some typical 'tourist' site seeing activities. One of those activities was in downtown Atlanta where we saw many homeless people. I was reminded that poverty is still such a serious issue in our country. We were also able to take a tour of the CNN studio. At the end of the tour we saw a protest rally outside of the CNN studio. The protesters were gathering to protest Israeli bombing in Gaza. Again, I was reminded that we are far from peace and equality in our world.

Tony, Janna, and Sarah have done a wonderful job of leading our group! I am very proud of their hard work! I'm looking forward to tomorrow.


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