Friday, January 16, 2009

Montgomery and Selma

Ms. Joanne Bland shares her message with our group while we spent the afternoon with her in Selma, Alabama We learned about the voting history of African Americans during our tour of the Voting Rights Museum in Selma.

We visited Dr. King's first church- Dexter Avenue Church.

The Rosa Park Historical Site was amazing! We were all moved by the reenactment of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
We had a wonderful two days in Montgomery and Selma. We learned a great deal about the history of the voter rights movement in Selma. We were able to spend the afternoon with Ms. Joanne Bland. She conducted a tour called Journey for the Soul. We were all inspired by her message of reconciliation. We were also inspired by the message of social justice at the Civil Rights Memorial. This beautiful memorial and the center shared a message of remembrance. We learned about the stories of many of the people who lost their life in the struggle for social justice. We are also painfully aware that we still have much work to do. Everyone was motivated to work for justice when we get home.
We toured the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery. We were sad to hear almost nothing about African American history on our tour. It is obvious that racism still exists!

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