Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking Back...

I don't remember learning very much about the Civil Rights Movement in school. Every year in history class it seems like we would talk about MLK and Rosa Parks and the high school in Little Rock with more detail, but we didn't go far beyond that. A lot of what I learned in those 10 down south was really shocking to me. I was surprised at how much had been left out in classes even in high school. and also about the unpleasant history of our own country that I was hearing for the first time. Hearing the stories from people who particpated in the movement, and being in cities where significant events took place made everything so much more amazing, and the trip unforgetable. It's painful to think about the way people were hurt and treated unfairly. But I'm glad that people were brave enough to start making changes and our country has grown up some. Even though we have changed since the days of segregation, I know that there are still people who do not believe everyone is equal and there is still room for making our country as a whole better.
Besides learning about the US, I also had a blast exploring the cities we went to. I am far from being a city girl and I saw some interesting things! I can even sort of read a map now. :) I will never forget the sights, the stories, and the laughs shared on this trip!

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