Friday, January 16, 2009

Heifer International

At the Heifer International Ranch ( )we learned about social justice work through sustainable farming methods and gifts of animals and products. It was an extremely eye opening experience to visit the global villages and see the living experiences of people form around the world. The program was very insightful. Our group learned the value of giving resources that can be sustained and working in concert with communities to enhance existing resources. This practice is one method of social justice outreach. In spite of the cold we were able to travel on foot between the villages to learn about living conditions in Guatemala, Thailand, and Uganda. At dinner we discussed how we could use what we learned through the historical work of grass roots activism as well as the sustainable social justice work of Heifer Int'l in our work as citizens in our Eau Claire community. I think everyone learned a great deal and is eager to get back to Eau Claire to put to use some of the things they have learned.

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