Monday, January 12, 2009

Birmingham/Montgomery, AL

Being unfamiliar with Alabama, and the south as a whole, the state's history (thus far) has been truly inspiring to me, and has made me grateful to be an American. Seeing the strides we haven taken as a country, and the feats we have conquered in the past century, the Civil Rights Pilgrimage continues to broaden my insight on the Civil Rights Movement, and make me appreciate national integration neverendinglyd.

Never have I felt more at home down south than our recent visit to Ebenizer Baptist Church. While I've attended my share of boring religious services, this one in particular taught me many lessons. The regular attendees were beyond friendly, and treated us with much southern hospitality. I will never forget that.

Both the Civil Rights/Rosa Parks museums were also very enlightening. I was amazed both with the information I already knew, and the new information I learned. My favorite exhibit of both museums was the Rosa Parks' Montgomery bus boycott simulation. Seeing the experience firsthand was not only fascinating, but emotion provoking as well. With the NAACP and similar organizations, I never realized what a warrior Rosa Parks truly was. She will forever be a motivational leader in my opinion.

Overall, the tourist attractions of Alabama (especially the delicous Waffle House) have truly opened my eyes to how impactful the Civil Rights Movement is on our everday lives. I can't wait to see what Mississippi has in store for us :)

More to come.


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