Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Central High School

The trip to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas was eye opening for us. Because education is such a meaningful part of our lives, I think this stop was among the most impactful for the students on the trip. I know when I saw the interviews with the "Little Rock Nine" I was moved to tears. I was also so sad to see the pictures of the empty school and read about year following desegregation when school was cancelled for all students. The fear and racism was so deep that the community would rather deny education for all high school students than all for more integration.

When we talked about our experience later in the day, so many of our students who are planning to be teachers talked about how they could use what they learned on our trip to make a difference in their future classrooms. What an amazing opportunity for these future teachers to see this historic site first hand! I am certainly motivated to find funding to offer more opportunities like this for our amazing students!

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