Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 4

Every city always has things that need to be fixed and Selma is no exception.
Selma is a historic town filled with many wonderful people, however, the schools are still segregated and that needs to be changed.  It is so important that students, no matter what their race, are given proper education.  In Selma the majority of the white children go to the private schools and the other children go to public schools.  Education is so important and it is a stepping stone to being successful in the future.  If the schools are segregated children will continue to receive unequal education which will keep them from having equal opportunities in the future.  If we can re-integrate the schools then children of different races can learn to work with one another and this will continue after school, hopefully desegregating other areas of life as well, such as neighborhoods.  While my school was very diverse there were still many schools around me where there was limited integration. For example, the private schools are predominately white.  It is important that parents in my town think about their child's experience with diversity in addition to considering the academic standings.  A child can receive just as rigorous an education at a school where there are various socio economic backgrounds.  In fact, I believe they can learn more and become a more rounded person by being exposed to different types of people who come from different backgrounds and experiences.  It helps give children the knowledge that not everyone is like them and teaches kids to interact and work together.  Because even though people may look different, everyone deserves the same respect and access to opportunities.  This is important to me because while my school had much diversity and great opportunity, there are many more around the country and Wisconsin that do not.  A child’s access to and level of education should not be based on their skin color.  


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