Sunday, March 29, 2015

BreakBlog #6

At the Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas we learned about the necessity for education as it pertains to social change.  As I reflect on the “Little Rock Nine”, I am appreciative of my educational opportunities.  The Nine recognized how important education is for the fundamental basis of equality.  Education allows a citizen to be informed so that they can use their right to vote properly.  It also develops skill sets in individuals, which allows them to contribute to the economy and use their consumer dollars wisely.  Lastly, it increases the level of dignity and self worth that a citizen has, which encourages them to speak out in their community and strengthens the group as a whole.  I believe this is why the “Little Rock Nine” fought so hard for their right to an equal education. 

We also saw Heifer International, which provides a unique example of a different way to fight for human rights.  This is a different model for social justice because I think it is a means of servant leadership instead of leadership in the traditional sense.  Heifer International provides resources and education, but after this base of service, leaves the people helped to go live their new lives.  A base of help is all that is needed in this case because it provides a sense of pride for the people it is helping. 

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