Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 1
Every time that Hollywood makes a movie based on a true story, it is important to watch it critically, and see whose story is being told and whose is being left out.  While I greatly enjoyed the movie Selma there are many inaccuracies and people who were not represented.  I think it is necessary to realize with any movie that is made, it is going to be based around a main character.  Selma is no acceptation.  Martin Luther King Jr. was an incredible man who made large strides in the Civil Rights Movement; however, so many others were crucial in aiding him along the way.  The movie did talk a little about others who helped King along the way.  For example they included some of the struggles Coretta Scott King experienced.  It is important to remember that there were so many other people who made the march happen, behind the scenes, and many foot soldiers.  Without these people supporting King and other famous leaders they would have never been able to accomplish all the great things that were done.  I think it is a problem when movies leave other important members out, because many people now a days get their information from media and film, and if someone is not represented they may never know all the great work they did.  Selma like other movies also portrays historical inaccuracies to make the move more dramatic.  For example in the movie Jimmy Lee Jackson was killed by police and died right there, while he was protecting his mother and grandfather.  In reality Jimmy didn’t die until several days later and went back out on the streets that night to protest.  Hollywood chose to change that scene in order to create emotion and drama, but we must realize as viewers that this scene, as well as others, is not accurate.  Another example is the entire relationship between the president and Martin Luther King Jr.  They have a conflicting relationship in the movie but what actually happened was Johnson supported King and wanted to help him in his work with Civil Rights.  Movies are wonderful and it is a great way to shine light on important points in history, but as viewers we must critically consume media and look into both sides in order to obtain accurate and knowledgeable information.

Photo-(Frank Dandridge/Getty Images; Atsushi Nishijima)

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