Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reflections on courage

This morning one of our staff on the trip asked me if I am still impacted when I go through the enslavement reenactment. I thought for a moment and responded that I am still so deeply moved by the experience.  I am inspired by the courage, strength, and spirit that resonates through Efreye's performance as an enslaved person.  I am also reminded that we still have much work to do to correct the institutions that have maintained the power structure put in place as a result of the history of slavery.

I am also moved to tears each time by the power the experience holds for our students. The opportunity to look history in the eye impacts each student in a different way. Some students are empowered by the portrayal of courage of their ancestors.  Other are able to think how it might have felt to be in that situation.  Still others think about the ways in which the experience mirrors some of their experience as a refugee. And other students grapple with the privilege afforded to them because of the color of their skin.

 I also have to face my own privilege. I have to take stock of how much I've grown, but reflect critically on the work I still need to do.

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