Friday, March 22, 2013

Little Rock, Arkansas

Today we had the opportunity not even to see Little Rock Central High School, but as well meet the principle of the high school. It was really amazing to actually see the first desegregated high school that nine African-American students took the initiative and courage to end segregation in schools.
One thing that i love about today's tours is that hearing and learning about those students just ordinary people that risked their lives to make American society come together and respect one-another no matter the skin color.
I highly would encourage others to go to this trip. I learned so much about my self as well as others and met so many great people that i wish i could go again next time. Not only i got to learn the civil rights movement more in depth but actually experience it by seeing those places and meeting some of those people that participated in the movement. It is by far the best experience in my life.

And here are some pictures of the central high school and the 9 sculptures.

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