Sunday, March 18, 2012

We just finished with the second day of the trip, and now we're sitting around our room, all tired, talking about social justice issues relevant to our experiences and our generation. The Occupy movement is a topic ripe for debate and discussion; centered around class consciousness and class based oppression it is one of the most culturally ingrained forms of oppression in the U.S. Our culture operates under the assumption that divine right to rule is determined by the almighty economy, the language of the news and politics all indicates this, all of it addresses the economy as if it is synonymous with the will of God. The effect of this upon our culture would be an incredible topic for further research.
On a more reflective note, the church service today at Ebeneezer Baptist Church was incredible. They were celebrating their 126th anniversary as a congregation and brought in a guest pastor. His rhetorical skill was some of the best I've seen, as a performer he was enthralling, keeping the attention  of the audience rapt, he gradually and rhythmically built to crescendo using poetic language and simple but intelligent metaphors. It was by far one of the best church services I've been privileged to witness.

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