Friday, March 23, 2012

Paying It Forward

Throughout this entire trip, I have started to realize just how privileged I am. Ms. Joanne Bland emphasized giving back. Our time in Selma was absolutely inspiring. We picked up rocks from the area where the march on Bloody Sunday began. We were able to take them back with us. To me, it helps me to remember that although we are ordinary, we can make change.

I want to pay it forward by giving back to this pilgrimage so others can experience this wonderful opportunity and also to the school in Selma. My fiance and I run a small jewelry and art business. We have decided to offer all of our inventory to the Civil Rights Pilgrimage Alumni. We will give 30% of all that we earn and give it back to the pilgrimage. Another thing I want to do is turn the rocks from Selma into jewelry. All of the proceeds will go to Ms. Joanne's school in Selma. Please visit our Facebook site and add us to make your order today!

This has been an amazing experience. Please never feel like you can't achieve change in our world. Change---big or small---is a step towards the world that everyone deserves to live in!

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