Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King's Tomb and birth town

Dr. Martin Luther King's birth town was beautiful. I was amazed when I stood in front of his birth home where he was born. It made me feel that Dr. Martin Luther King was still alive and still on his mission to complete his dream. During the trip, I learned so much about the activists and many others who had lost their lives with purposes; they sacrificed their lives for the sake of equality and other people. As my friends and I stood in front of Dr. Martin Luther King and his wife's tomb, I had a thought about wanting to make a difference in the society. I want to bring my voice to make those who do not see the history of many significant others who had suffered so much during the Civil Rights Movement and tell them what had happened. This trip was a great experience and are very beneficial to me. Lastly, I believe this trip can make each generation understand and learn more because I learned more than I intended to.

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