Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 0

Trying to get ready on Friday was so hectic. First, I had to finish revising my History 115 midterm essay. Problem is, every time I read it over, I keep on changing things and that was just the first part. The second part? We had a timed online multiple choice exam. On D2L, our History Professor had given us instructions that the exam was going to be running from 11:00 P.M. until 11:30 P.M. so I thought I was going to have 30 minutes to complete it. No problem I thought. Out of 20 questions, I’d gotten to 18 of them when the exam forcefully quit and the only option left was to submit my answers. It turns 11:30 P.M. was the time frame when you would be able to take the exam, not how long the exam was going to be. So in reality, you only had 20 minutes to finish. Seeing as how I didn’t bother to save half of the answers when time ran out, I had a score 50% when I knew I had gotten all of them right so far. That was a total mood killer but that’s ok, because now, it’s TGIF!!! And that means the Spring Break Pilgrimage trip!!!

Soon as I arrived to the top of the hill, I unzipped my backpack to check my cell phone. Beside it, I find my timesheet!!! Oh no!!! Then it hits me as I realize because of the trip, I won’t be going to Menomonie to drop it off my timesheet this week so I write in my hours as fast as I can. The buses arrive, then all the munchies in their boxes. There were so many boxes that needed to be loaded that I felt so bad I couldn’t do a thing except finish this timesheet before we leave for down South. But I finish filling it out, licked the envelope to seal it, and dropped it off at Tower’s outgoing mail box.

Later in the evening, when I became hungry I open up the bag of food a friend had packed for me. Even before I grabbed the bag, the mouth-watering aroma had gotten my taste buds wet. Inside, as I tear the opening wide, I find my culture’s gourmet chicken labb, lapaya salad, six eggrolls, and a combination of sticky and regular rice. My gorgeous friend had over-packed my food!!! My heart just went to a high place then and I was so thankful that I had someone like Alice for a friend. She just made me realize this trip was going to be something.

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