Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Journal 3

Selma, AL 2:00 am Day 4
Today was a long day, and we were the State Capitol of Alabama, Civil Rights Memorial Center, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, then we went to Selma, AL. Frankly, I am overwhelmed with everything today, and just too tired; but the salves experience was really unforgettable to me. It
seriously reminded me about the Chinese slavery in mid-18 century. When the time westerner discovered the America, they need a lot of labor to do mining, so they got the slaves from Africa and China to dig the gold and repair the construction of east-west coast rail way, they recruited a large number of Chinese Laborers, but half of them were dead before going to America. They were also segregated by American at that moment, which is pretty similar to foundation labels for African American. Will talk more tomorrow.
"No Dogs and Chinese Allowed" Sign

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  1. Chinese were brought in for a variety of reasons, including work on the transcontinental railroad. They were quite famous for the ability to make an abandoned mining claim pay out due to superior mining techniques and sheer patience and tenacity. Most Chinese were recruited in China and expected to return there when they had earned enough money to do so. There is no question they were discriminated against and treated as second class citizens. There are several good books about the Chinese immigrant experience available.