Monday, January 9, 2012

Best Trip Ever

Four years ago when my friend January Boten came to me with the idea for a spring break trip for students that would get them thinking about social justice and give them an alternative to the typical spring break. It is hard to believe that idea could have blossomed into this amazing experience. We are on the eighth rendition of the trip and I must say the evolution is simply amazing. The amazing originators of the trip- Tim Kenney, Katie Lashua, Chris Neilson, and Sarah Gonzalez would be amazed by the work and effort that has gone into expanding their idea and deepening the experience. Tony Och, Janna Casperson, and Ann Watson worked hard to make improvements and now this year's coordinators have taken the trip another step further. Mathias Hughey, Virgil Ward, Sarah Tweedale, Mary Wolf, Elsa Kraus, Nicholas Severson, Jackie Lee, and Paul Williams have worked tirelessly to expand the research on the learning outcomes of the participants and they have also expanded volume of things we see and people we meet. All of this work of over four years has brought us to this wonderful trip which has been the best trip ever. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible!


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