Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Visual Storytelling

Because I am a very visual person (and because others have already done much of the general storytelling) I would like to share my experience through the pictures I took. The full album (or the 200 that Facebook would let me post in one album) is here and should be available for all to view.

I went on this trip to learn more about civil rights movement (or one of the many in this world) and to become motivated and inspired by the actions of people before me and the actions of those still continuing that struggle for rights. I was not disappointed. I learned so much and saw so many people and organizations working for a good cause while on this trip. I was emboldened by this experience to do more and, I hope, others were too. If nothing else, it was a learning experience - every single one of us took something away this spring break.

And now for the images, as promised. I shall stick to one image for each day (though it will be hard to choose) so as not to overload:

CNN World Headquarters ~ Atlanta, GA

Original Ebenezer Baptist Church ~ Atlanta, GA

Inside the Capitol Building ~ Montgomery, AL

A portion of the group underneath the (in)famous bridge from Selma before beginning to pick up trash ~ Selma, AL

Gorgeous masks in a shop in NOLA, a place whose fascinating culture is richer than I ever knew ~New Orleans, LA

While I could have chosen an image of some of the gorgeous architecture of NOLA or the barrenness that still remains after Katrina, I thought this fine tour guide deserved some recognition ~ New Orleans, LA

We visited Central High School, the place of so much anger and uproar when the Little Rock Nine tried merely to go to school ~ Little Rock, AR

One of our last stops was the Heifer International site which had so much wonderful information and motivation - this is a diorama of a green, sustainable, efficient and sanitary set-up of an agricultural plot ~ Little Rock, AR

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