Monday, March 21, 2011

MAR 21 2011

Today we learned a lot about the people and officers involved in the civil right movements.

What influenced me most was the picture and the explanation exhibited in the Civil Right Memorial Center. There are four black people’s photos hanging on the wall and some words describe how they die and why they die. It sounds ridiculous. The killer who just wanted to kill somebody that was not the same race as him shot one of them. Another man who was an US citizen was shot four days after he bought a US flag near his own house with a towel on his head. The killer confessed that he just shot a guy looks like a terrorist. How can they identify a person just by what they thought the person might be and then killed them if they looks like being dangerous? Did they think the life of the black people is worthless and their own lives are more precious? If they didn’t treat life fairly, how can they treat the color skin people fairly in terms of their civil rights?

In the afternoon, we visited Rosa Parks Museum. I knew something about Rosa Parks before this trip; however, I learned more and get clearer to this great beautiful black woman. And I was moved by her courage. Facing the white police officers and the other white passengers, Rosa Parks showed great courage. The famous sentence” You might do that (arrest me).” makes me so proud of her. If I were in that moment and in that place, I will not have that courage and the calmness.

I can’t describe my feeling with my poor vocabulary. Today is really great and I really feel appreciated to those who sacrificed for the civil right movements.

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