Tuesday, January 11, 2011

third day

I remember the movie which named The Story of Rosa Parks. One scene was she wanted to work in an office as a secretary. The white woman always said she had failed the exam, every time. But Rosa real knew she passed the exam; she knew all the answer and did a good job on it. Last time, she made a copy of it, and told that white woman she wanted loyal. So, Rosa got that job. One day, it was time to get off duty. The boss told Rosa did not work too late. Rosa said she loves this job. The boss said the women suppose to stay at home or kitchen. So we can see the white discriminated the black, and the man discriminated the woman. But I loved the love story about Rosa and her husband.

At the end of the day, we ate at a kindergarten, also an elementary school. I real think blacks still have a lot of work to do. Their life is not as good as I think. When I saw the house they live, the car they drive, the infrastructure they have, I found the Civil Right Movement have to process until they get the real success. The success are their houses are as pretty as whites’, they schools are as modern as whites’, they streets are as clean as whites’, their minds are as peaceful as whites’. Today, I real did something for the blacks, not only learned their history for my credits. I cleaned the bathroom; I had never done it before. At first, I just wonder why I ought to do this job. I am a college student; I am not a maid. I come here for study, not for clean. Nevertheless, everyone did this job happily, they were all glad to help people. Why don’t I think like that? I am too selfish. The intentions of study are not only for us. It is for the truth, for help someone else, for let the human beings become together and make our life more beautiful than yesterday. The world is not full of the true, the good and the beautiful. What should we do? The answer is not only. Perhaps, everyone just do a little thing; it is can be a big effect to others, this someone needs helps. Like what I done today, we cleaned the all the kindergarten, we save the fare. People can use this fare to improve the condition for the children. This is what I thought.   

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