Monday, January 17, 2011

The Last Day in Memphis and Back Home!!!

Jan. 16th was the last day of the trip; I’m so excited of going back though the trip was festinating!
We went a tour of so many places in Memphis. Such as the Memphis House of W.C. Handy, who is the father of blues. We knew a lot about blues and Handy after visiting Handy’s house. We went to a sculpture which represents Dr. King’s life as well. The sculpture is full of imagination; for instance, the mountaintop represents the Noble Prize of Peace that Dr. King earned, which is interesting. Another place that we’ve been to is Danny& Rose Marie Thomas Memorial Garden. The place that impressed me most is Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum, which was the place to hide escaped black slaves. We spent more than one hour in that museum, I realized that how miserable were the slaves and how eager they wanted to be free.
After lunch, we went to the National Civil Rights Museum. The museum was one of the best one we’ve ever been, it’s like a conclusion of all we have talked these days. The museum was the Motel that Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot at. After that, the owner of the motel reconstructed the motel to the museum. We experienced, learnt, and reviewed the history of Civil Rights Movement and some outstanding characters in the museum.
After the museum, we went back! I’m excited of hanging back, but I will never forget these ten meaning days, and I will still be thinking about what have been changed, what should be change, and what can we do to change.

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