Friday, January 21, 2011

Aaron Zucker - Day 7: New Orleans

Today we got up and hopped on some tour buses and explored the historic parts of New Orleans. Which in case your wondering is quite a large portion of the city. It was really interesting to learn about how different segregation in New Orleans was different from most other places. How black families could live in a duplex type building with white families. Or how after a slave purchased his/her own freedom he/she could go out in the world and make a decent living with their skill set. From their we went down into the 9th ward area. It was astounding to still see those painted X's on buildings from five and a half years ago, which shows just how slow the rescue effort was. From their we went to the New Orleans African American Museum and we learned a lot about how difficult being a slave was in New Orleans. The average life span once a person was sold into slavery was 7 years. After that we went to the bayou and took a fan boat tour. It was ridiculously cold out. I got to hold a sleeping alligator. Then we headed back to the french quarter for a night on the town.

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