Sunday, April 4, 2010

Exploring New Orleans

Guteriano Neves

We spent our time in New Orleans mostly for fun things. After arriving from Alabama, and settling down, we went to the Preservation Hall, and the area around. Walking around the city, we could see the history of city, and it is very rigid of French style building. For me, it is another evidence of the American’s diversity. Walking around the street, we can see many old stuff, and old style of building, make it becomes unique and antique city. Its uniqueness and antiqueness becomes tourist attractions around the world to come to New Orleans.

However, as many tourists sides around the globe, beside its uniqueness and its antiqueness, New Orleans also has many social problems. Poverty, homelessness, prostitutions are very obvious in the city. It is another face of the United States. I think it is important for friends from the states like Wisconsin, to visit this place. By visiting this place, we become aware of the social problems that exist around the country.

On the second day in New Orleans, we started our day with city tour. The city tour brought us to the Hurricane sites, and the housing issues in the United States. Moreover, we were told about the history of slavery, segregation in housing, which is its legacies are still visible today through the architecture of the building.

We also learned about severe experienced faced by people in New Orleans when Hurricane hit the city. It is clear to me which groups were mostly affected by this natural disaster, and how the efforts were made to recover the city. The new houses programs were introduced with the contributions from individuals like Brad Pitt through green housing program.

What I learned from visit to New Orleans is the fact that many legacies from slavery and segregations are still obvious until today. This history can be seen in the poverty, race relations, and architecture of the city. Moreover, it is also an inspiring to learn efforts and contributions from individuals like Brad Pitt to make differences post natural disaster. We also had a chance to talk with a lady who made efforts through music to recover from this disaster. In general, everyone can make differences based on what he can do and in what capacity he can do it.

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