Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling the past.. day 3

At the very beginning i have to say that i am extremely glad that i could participate in this trip and be able to feel this history. Visiting museums and seeing films about the real, everyday life of African Americans in the 20 century was not only sad but inspiring too. After the visit of the Civil Rights Museum i wrote my name, promising that i will fight against any kind of discrimination. And i really will. I was deeply moved by the stories of the young people, of what they did trying to protect their human rights. Although i am not American, while seeing those terrible pictures of torture, my eyes were full with tears. I haven't felt that bad for a long time. it was deep, moving and amazing experience that made me realize that racism is still a big problem and it exist and that every single person in this world should fight against it. Montgomery was great experience, and i found Alabama as an extremely amazing state. Because of its cultural mix, the history that it's inside it and the whole multicultural background.
I can't wait for tomorrow. Going to Selma :)

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