Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reflecting on the trip...

Well it only took me about three weeks to figure out how to blog! That just gave me some time to let the experience sink in. I think the Civil Rights Pilgrimage had an effect on us that will last a lifetime. First, it lit a fire underneath us that made me want to go and do something to work for social justice right NOW! It was inspiring to see that ordinary people like ourselves had the courage/determination to do things that changed the course of history. Several of us are planning to use that renewed spirit to make the College Feminist Club a more active group that contributes to the community. Second, we gained so much knowledge about the civil rights movement and history. Many history classes can be dry, but we got to see firsthand where major events occurred. I think it gave me a historical perspective that helps to understand the timeline of American history. Also, when my Psychology professor was talking about RFK in class the other day I knew exactly what he was talking about! I had read about how he championed civil rights in several museums. Finally, it was awesome to be with a group of friendly, like-minded people and see all of these places together. We learned about an important part of history (that is still an issue) and made our own memories along the way.

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