Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now I understand...

I signed up to go to the Civil Rights pilgrimage not fully understanding what it meant, I kept hearing how wonderful and life changing it was, but that only meant so much until I actually got to experience it myself.
While on the trip I learned so much more about the movement than I have ever learned before. Not only that but I also got to witness a lot of these significant locations with my own two eyes, nothing compares to actually being there and feeling it with my own hands, versus touching the locations within the pages of a book.
Aside from seeing the places I got to talk to people who were INVOLVED in the movement. It couldn't get any better than that. I got to hear it and see it from real eye witnesses and not learn about it from a documentary.
While there I learned that the struggle for acceptance of others is still not happening in now a days society. It may not be to the level that it was before but it is still not happening, it can be seen by hearing racist, sexist and every kind of "ist" comments. Even by looking down on others because they are different than you. We must challenge the assumptions and start to love one another as God intended us to be. Because if we don't we are slowly starting to destroy not only ourselves but the environment around us.
I left Samara Gaitan, and came back a different person who now knows what path she wants to take in life and is ready to take action.

Before I went on this trip I did not fully comprehend what they meant when they told me that it is a life changing experience.

Now I understand what they meant by that statement.

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