Thursday, March 19, 2009

The last couple of days

For the last few days, I have been unable to get on the internet, but I have to write about all that happened. Let's start back on Tuesday morning. Our first tour of the morning was at the Civil Rights Institute. First we took our group picture out in front of the monument. This is the black circlular monument with the names of 40 people who died during the movement as well as the major events. Inside the museum, which was opperated by the Southern Poverty Law Center, we watched a movie about the stories of the 40 people who died. Then we went through the exibhits that went over all kinds of civil rights struggles, not just those of African Americans. There was info about the civil rights struggles of gay and lesbian people, immigrants, American Indians, and others. At the end of this tour you can sign the pledge to work for civil rights and then see your projected name up on the huge wall.

After this museum, we went to the Alabama State Capitol Building. It is clear that civil rights are not the priority of everyone by going on this tour. Governor Wallace and his wife Lurleen were the focal point of the tour--and this particular governor was very much against integration and especially integration in the schools.

We then enjoyed lunch in Montogmery and went exploring on our own. My group had the amazing chance to tour MLK's first church-Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. This is the spot where the Montgomey Bus Boycot was organized. I got to stand at the pulpit right where MLK delivered his sermans each Sunday. My heart was beating so fast the entire time we were in this church. This was a special place and I feel so lucky that we were able to tour.

Then, we headed to Selma. Joanne Bland, who was eleven years old during the voting rights march which lead to "Bloody Sunday" over the Edmund Pettus Bridge and she marched with her older sister. Especially after having met Congressman John Lewis, it was incredible to hear this story again and how brave he and everyone who was there was.

I need to get off of the computer, but I will write more later.

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