Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gettin' Back to the Blog

Why hello everyone, I haven't blogged in awhile, but I am back to it. Over the course of the trip we have seen many amazing things and met many amazing people.

I found the state of Alabama to be particularly interesting. The attitude surrounding Civil Rights seems to be much different than that of Wisconsin. For example, in our tour of the Alabama State Capital we came to a painting of former Alabama Governor George Wallace. This is the man that played a key role in the dog and fire hose attacks at Kelly Ingram Park. The tour guide very carefully avoided any reference of this incident and even referred to him as an "icon" to the state of Alabama. The attitude is not as good as it should be and there remains a long ways to go everywhere, but it certainly seemed that Alabama has further than other state to go to reach where we need to be concerning Civil Rights.

Yesterday, we arrived in New Orleans and did some service work. I helped prune some palm trees (which is kind of funny considering I saw my first palm tree two days earlier), pressure wash the grime off a wall so it could be painted, and painted the lines of a parking lot. It felt good to help those who need it. It was shocking to see the effects of Hurricane Katrina still lingering today, but it was once again, great to be able to lend a helping hand.

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