Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today in Birmingham, Alabama...

Today was such an amazing day! We attended an early service at Ebenezer Baptist Church and then took a tour of the Civil Rights Institute, which included exhibits on the Freedom Riders and the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, (which was appropriate as the actual church that was bombed was right across the street) This is the second time I have helped coordinate this pilgrimage, and even though I have visited many of these museums and historical sites before, I am still in awe by how much information there is to learn and how much knowledge I have yet to gain. A few of us explored downtown Birmingham today, and had a really interesting conversation with a woman whose husband actually participated in the protests we had learned about today. There really is so much to learn from those that have lived through these events; they have such a different perspective, and are sincerely excited to tell us about their experiences. I am so excited for the Rosa Parks Museum tomorrow in Montgomery, and can't wait to learn more!

PS. Hello to Morgan and Miranda Thesing-Ritter!

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