Monday, January 12, 2009

Mrs. B's and Rosa

Today was a very relaxed day and learned so much and had two different hand's on history lessons. In Birminghram we had two experiences where we had one person on the street give us the history of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing and the marching that the children joined in. Lunch was fantastic and I had greens for the first time and the bbq chicken was wonderful! On the way to Montgomery we watched The Rosa Parks Story to prelude our tour at the museum and library. The museum was very cool, and the bus video thing was amazing to get a perspective that you wouldn't get on a video. We were next to Troy University and visited the student union. Hopefully in the fall we can coordinate a student collaborative project with both universities to gain perspective on the civil rights movement.

This trip has taught me more than any class can at school. The real life stories and the tribulations that we have heard from the elders in these communities can not be reproduced in any text book or documentary. It has been a really rewarding experience just to talk to people on the streets, in stores or even barbershops.

I can't wait to finish my leg of the trip and to get started on legs 2 and 3.

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