Sunday, January 11, 2009

The bad and the good...

I was very moved by the Civil Rights Institute Museum. It was very interesting to me to watch the video displays of the youth getting involved and fighting for their right to vote. Children in grade school would have police dogs and water from fire hoses thrust upon them. They would even go to jail! The reason I was so interested in this is because, recently, with the past election, the youth of now has put a lot of effort in getting involved with politics. It is interesting to compare the generations. As tragic as the fire hose and the dogs is, I must admit that not everything was bad. At he museum there was a music box type of thing that we could select clips of music to listen to. Ella Fitzgerald pleased thousands of people with her scat singing (nonsense syllables sung in a rhythmic way); Louis Armstrong played the trumpet brilliantly; and Sarah Vaughn was a fresh singer who captured the hearts of millions. Basically the jazz scene was a good time for musicians to expand and grow although times were hard, especially for African Americans. There is so much information that can be learned. Never stop learning everyone! I'm super excited for the rest of our trip!

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